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Cause of the shooting in Isi-gate Umuahia




There was alot of shooting  in Isi -gate, Umuahia the capital of Abia State on 4th September.

According to residence who were at the scene at the time of the incident, a commercial tricyclist popularly known as keke driver, puts a Biafra flag in front of his tricycle. On reaching a check-point, a Nigeria army stopped him and starting him what the flag is all about. The man on reaction answered the army that it is a Biafra flag, and that he is a Biafran, before everyone knew exactly what going on, the solider slapped the tricyclist and started dragging him away. At a point, the guy couldn’t bear the pain any more and started to defend himself but instead of calming the situation down the Nigeria soldier shot him in the leg.

As the incident continued, Nigeria army signaled his base who sent more battalions of soldier to the entire arena of ISI Gate and started shooting live bullets at harmless Biafrans.

According to people who were present live, about two persons were confirmed death while several others sustained different degrees of chronic injuries and others dead.

Family Writers press who visited the scene also gathered some sensitive report from the soldiers on ground who out of joy, were boosting that Buhari has given them order to shoot all the perceived IPOB members. According to them, Buhari has already deployed soldiers from Kwara State and far North who will use the annoyance of their experience with Boko Haram to deal with Biafrans mercilessly.

Even while on ground, there were combined forces between Nigeria Armed Forces who were shooting live bullets while the Hausa-Fulani’s who residence in ISI gate, Umuahia were also firing local made poisonous arrows on armless Biafrans. To put the facts straight, we were also able to pickup a live bullet among the uncountable bullets scattered all over the scene.

Finally, we are placing the world on high notice on the ongoing instigation of violence as masterminded by Arewa cabal. Their aim is just to use the avenue to possibly assassinate the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The world must take note and hold Nigeria responsible.

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