John Grant – Love Is Magic

Download John Grant – Love Is Magic Mp3 Download

John Grant – Love Is Magic Mp3 Download.

John Grant Love Is Magic Mp3, Love Is Magic song released by John Grant. Listen share with friends and download song John Grant Love Is Magic mp3. In March, he teamed up with the electro dance trio Wrangler to release Mr. Dynamite under the Creep Show moniker. Grant announces a new solo LP today, along with its title track “Love Is Magic.”

John Grant Love Is Magic mp3 download

The single evokes a gloomy disco. Tense synth tones circle Grant’s meditation on love. He welcomes absurdity, uncertainty, isolation, and, of course, magic. “Love is magic whether you like it or not,” he sings. “It isn’t so tragic / It’s just a lie that you bought.” Shimmering electronic riffs build and trail off.

Grant expands on the forthcoming album in a statement: “Love’s a shitshow that requires work. It’s not all lollipops and rainbows and ‘67 Dodge Dart Hemis and STD’s and macaroni and cheese and John Carpenter. But nothing can distract from the fact that, in spite of it all, love is still magic.”

Download John Grant Love Is Magic.

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