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Ogba Ukwu Dome And Cave- Owerre-Ezukala



[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The dome is a naturally carved rock formation in the form of an arena, covering a large dry and sandy area which forms a natural beach around the Ogba waterfall.

Next to this dome is the Ogba Ukwu cave considered the largest cave in West Africa, which will take upwards to two hours to explore. It forms a deep and complex rock formation with roomy compartments large enough to take in an entire village. The cave consists of tunnels, heading off in different directions; however, there are two noticeable entrances to the cave. One tunnel in particular is regarded as an escape route which is about two kilometers long, from which one will eventually emerge in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State

Owerre Ezukala

At the centre of Ogba Ukwu, is one large area said to have been the living room of the ‘god’ of Owerre-Ezukala. His throne and other compartments within his household. His sentries were always mounted at the two entrances to the cave watching out for visitors and intruders. There revices in the rock depicting his wardrobe and store rooms. There is one particular compartment, accessed by the aid of stone steps where an old elephant’s foot still stands, long dead and dry. In another crevice, there is a natural spanner of rock, and in yet another is a gun of stone, as old as the cave.

Owerre Ezukala

. There is the ‘Ogba Ekezu’, a bottomless well within the cave that no one who ever falls into it is seen again. In the past, natives came to the cave once every year, in the month of March to perform the ‘Aja Ala Onwa Ito’ festival. Visitors were invited for parties and picnics inside the cave. It is alleged that natives in the past communed physically with the god of Ogba Ukwu who appeared on his throne in the form of a man, holding a broom in his hand.

He answered the people’s questions, gave judgment to their cases and made predictions about the future. Time and encroachment however must have caused his relocation to an unknown destination. Guided tours in and around it is a wonder, and leaves a visitor dumbfounded to this wonderful work of nature.

Owerre Ezukala

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